Private Sessions (2001) anime, OVA – sub

461. Private Sessions.jpg
Episodes 2
Duration 30 min
Rating Rx
Score 4
Director Yanase Takeyuki
Creator Bishop


When a school teachers sadistic boyfriend wants a job at her school, she gets him one.


I don’t know what to say about this. The art isn’t that good. In the first episode the vaginas were just big black gashes. The guys balls look dry and withered. The subtitles as well as the descriptions I found claimed it to be a girls college but all the girls were wearing seifuku so I highly doubt it. The cum is yellow, the pee white. The sound isn’t that great (well… I guess I should say it’s not a sound that turns me on). I was yelling at the idiots in the show more than actually getting turned on by it. So it fails. It doesn’t do its job as a hentai and the story and characters are crap. Even the rape was crap. They were all too damn compliant after a camera was introduced.


I would most definitely not recommend it.


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