About a Boy (2002) live action, movie – UK

about a boy
Comedy, drama, romance
Directors Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Writers Nick Hornby, Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Cast Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Sharon Small, Toni Collette, Natalia Tena, Victoria Smurfit, Rachel Weisz


A thirty something that believes men are an island and spends his days killing time and living off the royalties he gets from a song his one hit wonder father wrote, discovers the joys of dating single mothers. Through this, he meets a twelve year old boy with a depressed mother that decides it may be better if his mom were to remarry.


I actually liked this a lot more than I thought I would. I love Hugh Grant which is a large part of why I decided to watch it (how have I not watched it yet?) Plus, it has the cute guy from Warm Bodies (although he’s way young here…). I think I love that the characters (thanks to the actors) look like father and son. Sure, they aren’t. But it makes some of the confusion that happens actually believable. I also love the relationship between Hugh Grants character and the kids mother (which I’m not going to get into here) and I feel like if it went any other way, I’d be disappointed.

The acting is great, the story is interesting and entertaining¬† (although not entirely believable). The actors suit their parts and they way they are together just works. Plus, I love the music. Not necessarily when the kid or mother are singing… but the rest of the music.


Anyway, it’s definitely worth watching I think. It’s a good feel good happy movie. I personally believe I am an island, so I actually preferred the one character at the beginning, but I actually really liked this movie (which I wasn’t expecting, even if it does have a couple actors I like).


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