THE READING Book 123: Fushigi Yuugi (3-in-1) vol 10-12 (Watase Yuu)

0123K0120. Fushigi Yuugi volumes 10-12 - Watase Yuu
Fushigi Yuugi (VIZBIG edition) Volume 4 (volumes 10-12)


GENRE Fiction, manga. Action, adventure, drama, fantasy, historical, romance, shoujo, harem



YEAR 2009


DESCRIPTION Volume 10: Enemy Amiboshi has returned having lost all his memories. The Suzaku warriors and Miaka are all put under illusions by Seiryu warrior Tomo.

Volume 11: Veteran Thanks to Amiboshi, Suboshi and an elderly couple, Miaka, Tamahome and the rest of the warriors are saved from Tomo. They learn of the fate of the priestess and her warriors. Miaka gets to see Yui face to face.

Volume 12: Girlfriend Yui Summons Seiryu, leading to a battle between Hong-Nan and Qu-Dong.



These three volumes, #12 especially really shows how horrible of a person Yui is. She’s so bad, it’s impossible for me to ever believe she was actually a good person. It makes me feel like she was only pretending to be Miaka’s friend even before being sucked into the book because Miaka would make her look better.

Anyway, things start to speed up, things begin to come to light (especially concerning Yui). Things get more action-y (not full on… but close enough), Tamahome and Miaka get even closer. You get to see some more of Keisukes brother. Something Hotohori did in volume 12 has me questioning his sexuality and sort of wishing things have gone a different way.

Mostly though, I’m just really hoping Yui dies. It’s ok if they don’t kill her for being a horrible person. They get three wishes right? Have her die after she makes her three wishes. That would make me over the moon happy.


Book #123
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Lose #3


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