Me & 23 Slaves (2014) live action, movie – Japan

201. Me and 23 Slaves
Mystery, psychological, suspense, thriller
Cast Hongo Kanata, Akimoto Sayaka


A brother convinces his sister to take part in a game where a person can enslave another through a special device called an “SCM”


The description made it sound a lot better than it was. It’s apparently based on a book and I suspect the description on mydramalist is based on the book and not the movie. I actually really liked the movie. It was fun and entertaining while still being creepy and kind of gross. That being said, I was hoping for a bit more. There were a couple times where the game to become a master was actually interesting. Some of the masters were messed up. But most of it was stuff like rock, paper, scissors and stuff. The more interesting games (as in an actual risk) didn’t happen until near the end.

The acting is iffy. Some were good. Some were ok. Others were only good every once in a while. A few didn’t have to act. A couple of the costumes were odd. A couple of the guys hair didn’t suit them. The main character was wearing a dress she was too old for. I think it was a work uniform, but she was too old for it (like, pink and almost a lolita look).


It’s slow. Like I said, the more interesting parts don’t happen until near the end (aside from the odd thing). It had an open ending. But I think if you can push through the first half or so, it’s a good way to kill some time.


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