Torotoro Toko Jijou (Methonium) book, fiction – (manga) one shot

740. Torotoro Toko Jijou - Methonium
Score 8


Tatsurou loses a round of ‘rock, paper, scissors’ and has to sleep with his chubby girlfriend, Midori. The problem is that she has a high body temperature.


It’s… well… Midori has huge tits? I like the art. But it’s still just a hentai and a one shot so there’s not much of a story. Then some people (obviously not me since I’m broken a little…) would probably have a bit of an issue since the *fun* time starts while the girl is sleeping… he uses being hot as an excuse to play with boobs. I probably would too actually…


Anyway, it’s not the best read. It’s not a major turn on since it’s pretty vanilla. But the art is great and it’s pretty good in the… plot… department….


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