Holiday Wishes (2006) live action, movie – Canada

Holiday Wishes
Drama, family, fantasy
Director David Weaver
Writer Peter Mohan
Cast Amber Benson, Tygh Runyan, Britt McKillip, Katie Keating, Gwynyth Walsh, Barclay Hope


Danni is a Christmas planner that wishes to find her sister. Britney is the spoiled 15 year old daughter of the family Danni is working for and wishes for a horse. Rachel is a 15 year old foster kid that wishes for a family.


So… I watched this only because it had Amber Benson… but it was actually good. A little Freaky Friday-esque. But good. There were a couple things you could see coming from a mile away (which I won’t mention in case you miss the little hints throughout the entire movie…). Then there’s the obvious. Obviously everyone is going to get a happy ending.

So what happens is that Danni, Rachel and Britney all make a wish and of course Rachel and Britney pull a Freaky Friday and the only person that realizes and they can tell is Danni so of course she has to try to help them, but she can’t mess up her job because she needs the money to find her sister.


Anyway, it’s a good feel good movie that seems to be more set around Christmas time than actually a Christmas movie. So I recommend it.


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