Bakuman. (2010-2011) anime, tv – sub

399. Bakuman.
comedy, romance, shounen

Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi are 9 graders. After finding a sketch in Moritakas notebook, Akito talks him into being the artist for the mangas he writes. To convince him, he takes him to the home of Azuki Miho, the girl Moritaka has a crush on. He then finds out she wants to be a seiyuu and asks her to marry him when their dreams come true.

I felt similar about this as the manga version. The art was good, story was interesting enough. Niizuma started out overly annoying, got a bit better by the end. Azuki and Moritaka’s (can someone explain to me where Saiko and Shujin came from?) relationship annoys me. The idea of refusing to see someone that is pretty much your fiance because you don’t have your dream jobs seems stupid and overly naive to me. Then at this point, most of the episodes go really slow. It’s not much different than slice of life in my opinion and slice of life is my least favourite genre. It leads me to down score quit a few episodes even though I do like it.

Anyway, it’s mostly about making manga with a little bit of romance tossed in. If that sounds interesting to you, go for it.


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