Wedding Dress (2010) live action, movie – South Korea

189. Wedding Dress. 2010
starring: Song Yoon Ah, Kim Hyang Gi, Lee Ki Yoon, Kim Ye Ryung, Kim Myung Kook

A single mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer and must prepare her 9 year old daughter to live without her.

I wasn’t much older than the girl, Sora, when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and although my mom did survive, I was convinced for at least a year that my mom was going to die. As such, this movie really hit home with me. I was nearly bawling during the entire second half. The first half was a little slow. The rest is pretty much a given considering the topic, but skip down if you’re worried about SPOILERS. It started out with the mom being an obvious workaholic. Then she must have found out about the cancer off screen because she was then trying to spend a lot of time with her daughter. During the second half the girl figures out her mom is really sick and then the mother just keeps going down from there and the daughter tries to convince her mom she doesn’t have to worry.

Now the SPOILERS are done. I would suggest watching it if you want a crying movie. and keep a box of tissues on hand.


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