Christmas Under Wraps (2014) live action, TV movie – USA

christmas under wraps
Drama, romance
Duration 1h 28min
Rating TV-G
Score 6
Director Peter Sullivan
Writers Jeffrey Schenck, Peter Sullivan, George Erschbamer, Jeff Barmash, Barbara Fixx, Jennifer Notas
Cast Candace Cameron Bure, David O’Donnell, Robert Pine, Kendra Mylnechuck, Brian Doyle-Murray, Joyce Cohen, James Gaisford, Page Petrucka, Anita Rice


Lauren Brunell is a doctor that didn’t get the residency she wanted. Unfortunately, it was also the only one she applied for. As such the only opening is a small, remote town in Alaska.


It was fun to watch, but some parts were just awkward. She was probably (hopefully) there for longer, but it seemed like she had only been there for about a week. And of course she fell in love with the first guy she meets there (I suspect rebound). But I could deal with that. That sort of thing happens all the time. But, and this may contain a SPOILER, the town is obviously the north pole with Santa, elves, reindeer, work shop. But to make this worse, it feels like it doesn’t go with the movie at all. Like they just added all of it in to make the movie more Christmassy (because it really isn’t. There was a Christmas tree and some decorations but very little Christmas feel).


Anyway, everything seems forced but it’s fun enough. I don’t recommend it but it’s not like it’s a complete waste of time. Plus, it’s cute enough so…


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