Shin Gendai Ryoukiden (Uziga Waita) book, fiction – manga

722. Shin Gendai Roukiden - Uziga Waita
hentai, horror
Chapters 10
Score 8




High School Girl in Concrete Based on a true story about a young girl who was kidnapped and held captive.
Child of Mixed Parentage a young man kills women.
This Piece of Meat is Talking A woman is killed in front of her daughter (see Jigoku no Kisetsu: Gurolism Sengen)
Angel a young woman dies.
Dreamy Hamburger Steak A woman that works at a special center.

So… it says that High School Girl in Concrete is based on a true story but is fictional. It’s not often you actually see that. No matter how fictionalized something is, the always just say “based on a true story”.

It was OK. I had already read the one chapter as it was in another volume, but it’s interesting enough. Dreamy Hamburger Steak was probably my favourite. It had everything. But being a hentai, Angel was probably the best.


Anyway, I liked it. I didn’t feel it was too awfully graphic… but it probably isn’t for the weak of stomach/heart/mind.


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