About This Blog (and me)

Originally, I was considering writing reviews. But in all honesty, not only am I horrible at writing them, I don’t much care for reading them either. It seems to me that for everything, there are only two types of reviews. One is written by people that loved it while the other type is written by people that hated it and they all seem to love or hate it for the same reasons. So instead, I’m just going to keep notes on what I’ve watched or read and when, a description (most likely taken from the back of the book or the dvd case, or from some random website), and probably a short sentence or two with what I thought about it or the score. No where near as long as most “actual” reviews, but enough, in my opinion.


Ok. Now that you’ve read that, random question and answer time!!


Were you named after anyone?

yup. My first name (Candice) was after the girl that played DJ on ‘Full House,’ my middle name was after a great aunt on my moms side, and my grandmother on my fathers side


Do you like your handwriting?

It’s ok sometimes, but normally even I can’t read it.


If you were another person would you be friends with you?

No. Not at all. I’d probably hate myself. I’m too loud, childish, argumentative and just not a very nice person.


What is your favorite cereal?

Fruit Loops. i also like marshmallow glitter, but there are never enough marshmallows.


Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Only if they’re boots. The others either don’t have laces, or they’re loose enough they slide on and off easily. Which is good… I hate the looks of my bows so I normally ties them in knots.


What is your favorite ice-cream?

I’m on a strawberry kick at the moment….


Any tattoos?

Only one so far. There are a few more I want, but I guess I don’t want them badly enough to find someone new or save the money to get them.


Favorite smell?

old books, coffee and skunk. not necessarily together though…


What is one of your favorite quotes?

The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.

Friedrich Nietzsche
This has actually been one of my favourites since I was 10 or 11. And as unlikely as it may seem (I’m not going to argue the fact that I sound like an idiot most times, and quite likely am an idiot), I did read Nietzsche back then. I started reading on my own around the time I was 3, was reading adult books by time I was 6, and between 10 and 13 was into religion and philosophy. That being said, I’m now at the point where I’d rather read something easy than something difficult as long as it entertains me. I think part of the reason I was reading those books was to prove I could and to prove I was different than those annoying kids I went to school with that could barely read Dr Seuss.
What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Fighting and reading. I would get into fights with the kids I went to school with since I have no patience. They were annoying. and mean. So I threw things at them or kicked them. as for the reading, teachers don’t like it if you read in class. Even if you’re done the work. And they really don’t like 10 year olds handing in a book report on a VC Andrews book. It lead to not being allowed to read books I brought from home, no matter what the book was. I decided then that if I ever had a child, if that child wanted to read, I’d let them read whatever they wanted. Working in a library hasn’t changed my mind. Parents are constantly coming in telling the staff their children aren’t allowed to take out comic books. I can’t figure them out. Your child is reading and is interested in what they’re reading. Can’t that be enough for you?
What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
The Rugrats Movie and Orgazmo. umm… onto the next question!
Can you change the oil on a car?
no. But I can top it up…
When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
Vampire was a common one. Although I once dressed as a toasted western. I was a giant 5′ sandwich with cowboy hat and boots… another time was Tommy Pickles, with a real diaper. That was also the year one of my nieces dressed as Angelica and one of my nephews as Reptar.
Ever watch soap operas?
Do Taiwanese dramas count? some of them seem like soaps… what with the love triangles, kidnapping, cross dressing and all that…
Tea or coffee?
The coffee is mother, the coffee is father. The coffee is your friend. Trust the coffee.
Can you knit or crochet?
Just recently learned to crochet so I’m not that good at it yet. But I’ve been knitting since I was 5. My next project is a Pikachu afghan when I have more time.
Put your iTunes on shuffle. Give me the first 6 songs that pop up.
Well, don’t have iTunes… don’t much care for apple as I’m not a shinigami… But I can still give some shuffle songs:
  1. Miss Bipolar – Blood on the Dance Floor
  2. Kanzen Muketsu Chouzetsugikou Niwash
  3. Where are you Christmas – Oliver
  4. (s)AINT – Marilyn Manson
  5. Vampire Romance – Blutengel
  6. Sexy Naughty Bitchy – Tata Young

I sound kinda lame based on that….

Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.
She noticed Samejima and lowered the glass. (Shijuku Shark, Arimasa Osawa)
Do you sleep with or without clothes on?
Clothes try to kill me even when I’m awake…
If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?
getting Timmies or going to work/coming home
Who is your celebrity crush?
Chris Pohl. although I sure wouldn’t kick Gackt or Gong Yoo out for eating in bed and not sharing….
Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Yea. then a bunch of French guys showed up. it still bugs me that I didn’t know what the were saying….
Do you have a collection of anything?
String dolls and books.
Smell the air. What do you smell?
My hamster… Now that I think about it, when was the last time I cleaned her cage again? I should start marking this on a calendar or something…
Do you have any nicknames?
Candie Barr, or, more simply, Candie
What do you think is Satan’s last name?
What is your current desktop picture?
Do you have any pets?
dog and hamster
Favorite movie?
ummm… I’ll go with… Orgazmo 😀
Do you have any siblings?
probably at least 10….
Are you a morning or night person?
night. Can’t get used to the day.
Ninjas or pirates?
What was your favorite childhood television program?

8 thoughts on “About This Blog (and me)

  1. I like your posts and the content I’ve been able to read. However, the grey font on the magenta background is really hard to make out… Could you maybe change your color combo to make it easier to read?
    Sorry, I wasn’t sure how to send you a private message…

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I didn’t even notice it was hard to make out… Is this any better? I’m sort of limited for colour scheme for this since it costs money and I’m cheap…

      1. It’s still not easy, but it’s definitely better. With a black background, I imagine that a white (or much lighter grey) font would be easier to read. Even so, I can definitely make it through the text easier than I could before.
        I know what you mean about limited color options. lt would be fun to have endless palettes, but it’s hard to justify spending money on it.

  2. Please can you take a tag down for me. I will even pay you. We spoke before but my communication fizzled. Please email me back and I’ll provide you with the tag. Thank you.

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