One Piece (Alabasta Arc) anime, tv – sub

Score 8
Episodes 92-130, 24mins


The Straw Hats have to take their new friend, Vivi, back to her country where shes a princess in order to stop a war breaking out and a government pirate from destroying the country.

I started watching One Piece in August 2015. It took until February 12, 2017 to get through the first 61 episodes. It’s a very slow and slightly boring show. It did start getting a bit more interesting this arc though. Smoker, of the Marines, showed his cute side. Chopper, the cute little animal mascot, has finally been added to the mix. And the characters didn’t always win. Of course, you know they will, but still.

If you can manage to get through the first 90 episodes or so, I’d recommend continuing at this point. But I really don’t see the point in forcing yourself to watch it to get to this point.


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