Timeless, season 1 (2016) live action, tv – USA

Timeless -Season 1
Score 8.
16eps, 42mins


A team of three – Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus – travel through time for the government in order to stop a man named Garcia Flynn, who stole a time machine, from changing history.

This was fun. This was one of those cases where I’m on the supposed bad guys side though. I mean, really, three of them wanted the same thing. To use the time machine to get their loved ones back. Had they teamed up as opposed to working against each other, maybe they would have all gotten what they wanted. Instead, no one gets what they wanted, the big bad is still fucking with them and everything and everyone is fucked up.

I’d still recommend it though. I hate when season finales end on cliffhangers, especially when there isn’t yet a guarantee for another season, but this was a good show, so I’ll ignore that. Also, it could probably do without the forced romance they try going for with a few of the characters.



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