Heil Honey I’m Home (1990) live action, tv – UK

Score 8.
1ep, 26 mins


Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun live next to a Jewish couple that interfere when Neville Chamberlain comes to visit.

I sort of loved this. I wish they’d release the other episodes they made (since apparently 8 were finished, but only the one aired). I can’t figure out why it’s so offensive. Is it just because the main character is Hitler? I mean, he may say the odd rude thing, but it has a similar feel to All in the Family, and the way Hitler is portrayed here, he doesn’t seem all that different from Archie Bunker. I mean, he lives next to Jews, Eva is friends with the wife, and I’m pretty sure Hitler gave the husband a ride to work.

Anyway, I’d probably recommend it to anyone that doesn’t get overly sensitive about Hitler being portrayed as a goof and moron.



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