I’m getting bored with what I’ve been doing, so I’m going to try something else. I’ll probably stick stick to things I’ve finished. I may change it up for next week though. Weekly will probably just be easier for me to deal with, especially with how little I feel like writing lately.

Anyway, in case you don’t feel like scrolling, this post will have:

  • Bully Switching (manga, one shot) Mukai Kiyoharu
  • Candy Girl (manga) Chikasato Michiru
  • Change Over (doujin) Tsukumo Gou
  • Cherry (manga) Ichijou Lemon
  • My Sentimental Journey (nonfiction) Gerry Costello
  • Choku! (manga) Tanigawa Nico
  • Love Knot (manga) Ichijou Lemon
  • Pretty x Cation (anime, OVA)
  • Ace Attorney 6 Prologue (anime, ONA)
  • Thor (live action movie, USA)
  • One Piece Movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure (anime, movie)
  • Ran -> Sem (anime, OVA)
  • Rin x Sen (anime, OVA)
  • Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem (anime, OVA)
  • Brandish (anime, OVA)




Bully Switching – Mukai
Kiyoharu manga, one shot
Completed. Score 9
A boy has a thing for a girl that keeps refusing him. Until she finds out he’s a masochist.
I sort of loved this one. I usually prefer it the opposite way, but this was great. Highly recommend.



HENTAI Candy Girl – Chikasato Michiru manga
Completed. Score 7.
There’s a lot of shota, loli and incest in this one so… I probably wouldn’t really recommend it… Unless you’re into that sort of thing.


YAOI Change Over – Tsukumo Gou manga, doujin
Completed. Score 8.
Two boys in THAT kind of relationship decide to switch roles.
I liked this one, and it’s by one of my favourite mangakas so I’d recommend it.



YAOI Cherry – Ichijou Lemon manga
Completed. Score 8
This one has a couple different stories. In all honesty, it’s not very memorable, but it was good while reading it, so go for it, don’t. It’s up to you.



My Sentimental Journey – Gerry Costello book 
A short book about local history (Port Stanley, Ontario) centered around The Stork Club (a club that had a fair amount of big band music and people like Guy Lombardo). It wasn’t too bad a book. Interesting enough. Plus, i got a copy signed by the author. I’d probably recommend it if you can find it, but i also cant see it being very interesting if you aren’t from the area.



Choku! – Tanigawa Nico
Completed, score 8
25 chapters about a socially awkward girl that took a liking to a short boy she met in the boys washroom by nosebleeding on him.
It was cute enough. A little odd, but i liked the girl and the boy was cute. I’m not sure if they had enough chemistry together, but they were good as friends and it was kind of funny.



YAOI Love Knot – Ichijou Lemon
Completed. Score 7
In high school, a boy meets up with another boy he turned down a couple years ago, stating he was too short. Now the short boy is back, taller, and still beating up people that bother the first one.
It was cute but kind of boring. I probably wouldnt recommend it but its not a waste of time.



Pretty x Cation The Animation anime, OVA
Completed. Score 5. 2eps, 27min
This ones pretty vanilla. Loving relationships, boring sex. Not my thing at all. Probably would onky recommend to boring people.



Ace Attorney 6 Prologue
anime, ONA
Completed. Score 8. 8min
Mayoi is in a place with oracles instead of lawyers. When Naruhodo recieves a call from her that ends suddenly, he gets worried and rushes there.
It wasn’t that bad. It was fun, but leaving it off on a cliffhanger makes me hope there’s going to be another anime season to finish it.



live action, movie, USA
Completed. Score 7
Thor is sent from wherever it is he lives after almost starting a war. On Earth, he meets a girl he ends up falling for while trying to get his hammer back while his brother Loki plans against him.
Not enough Loki. Too much Thor. And Thor might be up there with Professor X and Captain America for Marvel characters i hate. He’s a selfish ass that cares for nothing but himself and making himself look good, which doesn’t change much by the end. Then the whole thing was boring as hell. The only good thing was Kat Dennings and she didnt even have her cleavage I’ve become used to seeing from her.


624. One Piece Movie 2 Clockwork Island Adventure.jpg

One Piece Movie 2: Clockwork Island Adventure
anime, movie
Completed. Score 7. 55min
Luffy and the crew get their ship stolen and team up eith the Thief Brothers to get it back, with the Thief Brothers wanting something else from them.
It was okay. But it really didn’t feel like a movie. It felt more like just an extra long episode from the series. That being said, I liked it as much as the series, so if you like the series, I’d recommend this.



Ran -> Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Torianime, OVA
Completed. Score 7. 2eps, 30min
After her sister, Anna, goes missing, Riko tries to find her by joining what appears to be a sex cult.
It’s not too bad. Not the best hentai I’ve watched, but certainly not the worse. I think it mostly just annoyed me that Riko, although she was so concerned by her sister, knew what she had to do to find her but couldn’t even pretend to want sex.



Rin x Sen: Hakudaku Onna Kyoushi to Yaroudomo
anime, OVA
Completed. Score 8. 2eps, 30mins
After her fiance goes into debt and goes missing, Urara has to work at a school that has obvious issues to pay it back.
There was too much piss for my liking, but it did it’s job. Especially when the white haired kid spoke. I loved his voice…



Rin x Sen + Ran -> Sem: Cross Mix
anime, OVA
Completed. Score 8. 2eps, 30mins
The sisters from Ran -> Sem invite the teacher from Rin x Sen to their sex cult.
Everyone gets broken in this. Again, not the best, but it does its job.



anime, OVA
Completed. Score 7. 2eps, 17mins
A succubus, after finding her next pray, ends up meeting the hero that will defeat her.
The score for this one might be kind of off. I just didn’t like it as a hentai. The succubus went for a young kid, and it’s so damn annoying when the do that. They always complain about their foreskin and having to pee and all that annoying stuff. But I loved the art. The story itself was interesting. I liked the characters. Everything about it was perfect, aside from the sex with a kid thing. If they took that out, made the sex something simple like kissing, this probably would have gotten a 9. But since it had the kid and didnt do its job as a hentai, it got a fairly low score.


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