My Little Baby (2016) live action, TV – South Korea 

Comedy, family, romance
Episodes 16
Duration 36min
Score 8
Directors Han Cheol Soo, Lee Soo Ok
Writers Kimm Yoon Hee, Lee Eun Yeong
Cast Oh Ji Ho, Lee Soo Kyung, Kim Min Jae, Nam Ji Hyun, Jung Soo Young, Go Su Hee, Hong Eun Taek, Jang Hee Soo, Tae Hang Ho


After the sudden death of his sister and brother-in-law, Cha Jung Han goes from being a top detective specializing in violent crimes to being a stay at home parent to his niece. He then has to learn how to raise a baby, deal with the neighbourhood mom’s and a former colleague that has it out for him while being in love with his upstairs neighbour who has a young son of her own.


There’s nothing horrible or amazing about this, so there’s not really much to say. The actors are good, although it sometimes feels as though there’s a lack of chemistry. The story is cute and entertaining. I wish they would have gotten rid of the grandmother right away though, but the stupid detective isn’t actually very good at reading people. And the neighbour from across the hall had serious issues. It took her way too long to deal with them.


Anyway, since there’s not much else to say without major spoilers, I highly recommend watching this.


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