Futabu! (2014) anime, OVA – sub (censored)

Hentai, school, yuri
Episodes 2
Duration 19mins
Rated Rx
Score 8
Creator Bosshi
Director Yoshiten
Voices Takanashi Konoko, Sachi Yun, Ashiya Kyouko, Obana Momoko, Akimoto Nerine


Akane Niimura joins a club for futanari, despite being just a normal girl.


So… normally I wouldn’t do a post on this. I mean, it’s hentai. There’s not much to talk about (although I do consider it interesting that this it’s apparently considered yuri even though 4/5 of the characters although are futanari…

Anyway, there’s not much to it. The Futa girls cum way too much (to the point where one of them had it gushing out her mouth as another was filling her ass). The cutest character passes out when she gets hard because she’s so big…


Anyway, I say it’s great if you love girls with big dicks… it looks good and the voices are okay.


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