Shinigami-kun (2014) Live action, drama – Japan 

234. Shinigami-kun.jpg
Comedy, drama, fantasy
Episodes 9
Duration 49min
Score 8
Creator Endo Koichi
Directors Nakata Hideo, Tsunehiro Jota, Masaya Kakei, Motohashi Keita
Writer Endo Koichi, Hashimoto Hiroshi
Cast Ohno Satoshi, Suda Masaki, Kiritani Mirei, Matsuhige Yutaka

Shinigami 413 is a rookie that is to inform people of when they will die and ensure they get to heaven. However, he has a habit of breaking rules, upsetting his supervisor. And then Akuma begins to make things even harder on him.

So… I really liked this one. It’s not often I come across a show that’s able to have a fair amount of comedy (not the best, sure, and a lot of it seems to come from the Shinigami not seeming to know much of anything, but still enough for the odd giggle), while being able to keep a bit of a serious air to it. Usually the seriousness is ruined too soon by the comedy.

Of course each episode is going to be a little sad though. Someone dies in every episode. Sometimes you don’t really care. There are a few episodes where you care more about the people being left behind than you do the people dying. And there’s at least one episode where you’re sort of hoping for the people to die because they’re so horrible. But each episode has a pretty good end, and I like the way the series itself ended.

Anyway, I recommend this. Probably highly recommend it.


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