Locodol (2014) anime, TV – sub

Comedy, seinen
Episodes 15 (12 TV, 1 Special, 2 OVA)
Duration 24min
Rated PG-13
Score 6
Creator Kosugi Koutarou
Director Nawa Munenori
Voices Misawa Sachika, Yoshioka Maya, Minase Inori, Itou Miku, Imai Asami, Nitta Emi, Shimoda Asami, Murozono Takehiro


Usami Nanako is a first year high school student. When she wants money for a bathing suit, she is tricked by her uncle into becoming a local idol along with second year Kohinata Yukari. Soon, they are also joined by two other girls.


There’s not really much of anything to this. It’s a group of cute girls doing cute things, trying to be idols and mascots while trying to help their town.

Every once in a while it’ll hint at Yukari, the responsible type, having a bit of a crush on Nanako, who can’t even pronounce her own name correctly most of the time. But they don’t really get serious about it and quite a bit of it could easily be ignored or thought of as Yukari trying to figure out how to have a close friend.

Although there was a part in the Christmas OVA that has me wondering about one of Nanakos friends. She grabs her stomach and says something about it getting bigger. And it didn’t exactly feel like she was just talking about getting fat from eating or something like that. Although, maybe the subtitles just missed something…

And then there are two shy girls that play a mascot. The first one seems to lose her shyness quite suddenly though and it’s not mentioned. The second seems to mostly lose it quite quickly but at least they acknowledge when she starts getting some more confidence.

During the TV series, the four girls start getting into being idols (by the end, they’ve only been doing it for about four months), with local concert things, and a local tv station series promoting stuff around town. As well as a couple national competitions for mascots and local idols for more attention. The special is an unaired episode where one of the nationally popular local idol groups gets shown around Nagarekawa by Nanako, Yukari and the other two girls. Then the OVAs have a Christmas/birthday episode and have the girls making a video.


Anyway, not something I’d recommend, but it was cute enough and kind of fun.


Kuma Miko


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