Final Destination 2 (2003) live action, movie – USA, Can

Final Destination 2.jpg
Horror, thriller
Score 6


A young woman on a road trip with her friends has a vision of a major pile up. Blocking the street, she manages to save some people. Her and a cop then have to try and stop death from finding everyone she saved.


So… in all honesty, I’m bored with this blog. Im seriously considering just quitting it. But i could also be depressed so i dont want to quit it just to start it again when im better… so be prepared for crappier than usual posts.

I was bored with this series after the first movie. I have no idea why i continue watching it. Sure, theres cool explosions and sometimes a fun death but… the characters are boring, the idea is annoying and you arent really given much of a chance to be invested in the characters before they die. I feel like a tv series that has an episode or two before they were supposed to die so you get to kniw the characters a bit before they start dying would be more interesting. At least then you care about what happens to the characters instead of watching to see if they die in an interesting way.


Anyway, i wouldnt recommend at all. Too boring and what little gore thats there, isnt worth it.


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