Boku no Goshujinsama (Ooki Bonta) book, fiction – manga 

800. Boku no Goshujinsama - Ooki Bonta.jpg
Fantasy, school, yaoi
Volume 1
Chapters 8
Score 5

A collection of one shots with young ukes.


This wasn’t exactly my thing. It was all Shota so… at least the art was nice to look at.

The Age That Is in Love wasn’t too bad. If the one character was older, I probably would have actually liked it. It’s the type of thing I don’t usually mind. Falling for someone you shouldn’t,  getting caught doing things you shouldn’t be with their clothes, then sex.

How to Train a Cat had a cat burglar and rape. I like rape… and cat people… but… the fact that the cat was so young was just…

The Young Master and Punishment A young master won’t eat his food so his butler “punishes” him. By, you know, teasing him.

Together With a Wolf I actually liked this one. I sort of wish the sex wasn’t there, but it was cute and both boys seemed closer in age than the others. But even then, the sex was sort of cute…

Ballad of Spring Love A young boy is graduating so has to break up with his teacher. I found this a bit odd. I don’t like that the kid was so young, but it seemed more annoying that they were making it so the poor kid was okay with everything and the teacher seemed to be the one that had an I’d due with it, even though he never had a chance to talk.

My Dear Master, Gentle Palms and The Garden Where an Angel Lives are all about “humonculus”, which are part animals that are created and not born, and their relationships with human men. The Garden wasn’t too bad. The sex was skipped and focused on the relationship. But of course it didn’t get anywhere.


Anyway, if you’re a shotacon, I’m sure these would be OK (if you believe sex to be plot), but as someone who isn’t. .. I wouldn’t recommend it at all…


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