Calling (Ootsuki Miu) book, fiction – manga 

798. Calling - Ootsuki Miu.jpg
Chapters 7
Volume 1
Score 6


Hinamura Kazuaki is an office worker that isn’t exactly happy with his job and has no hobbies or aspirations. On his way home from work one day, he comes across a couple having sex. Later on, the man, Aratani Kira, an AV actor, finds him and confesses his love.


I’m not a fan of the eyes, but aside from that, I kind of like the art.

As for the story, it’s not very deep or meaningful. It’s cute and sweet and does what it can with only 7 chapters. Both of the main characters are cute. There’s not much of an issue with their relationship. It took a bit for Kazuaki to realize his feelings, but even after he does, even though he seems to have very little self esteem, the fact that Kira is an AV actor only really bothers him when he watches one of the videos. But with how cute and innocent they both seem (for the most part), you want them together with no problems.


Anyway, you wouldn’t miss out on much if you didn’t read it, but I’d recommend it anyway.


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