SEPTIMUS HEAP #2 Flyte (Angie Sage) book, fiction

SEPTIMUS HEAP 2 Flyte - Angie Sage.jpg
Young adult, childrens, adventure, fantasy, magic
Pages 532
Score 7


Continuing from the first book. DomDaniel has been defeated, Jenna is living in the palace along with the Heap parents and Septimus has become apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Marcia.. Now a new enemy, one extremely close to Jenna and the Heaps, has appeared. Marcia is stalked by a Shadow. Jenna has been kidnapped and no one will believe Septimus. Septimus get help from friends, old and new, to rescue Jenna and defeat the new enemy


I didn’t find it as good as the first book. It was drawn out in the same way, but for the most part, you knew who the enemy was from the first chapter, just from the obvious description. Considering who it was, it would have been nice if they description had been a lot more simple (like, just what he was wearing, the horse and the Darke presence), at least until he kidnapped Jenna. Its set a year and a half after the first book or whatever, so you kind of expect Septimus to use more Magyk than he does. And i dont understand why Jenna doesnt get green eyes. It said the eyes turn green after using magyk, so why does she have purple eyes after using so much? And considering how soon all the major stuff (like the kidnapping and rescuing and the shadow business) happens, the end of the book seems kind of slow and maybe just a little forced (with people not wanting to give up).


All that being said though, it was an enjoyable read. Its simple and obvious and drawn out but goes into the characters and has you sort of feeling for them (like a part with Septimus that had me happy crying). So I’d recommend it.


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