Chuuken Kunshu (Haruno Ahiru) book, fiction – manga 

797. Chuuken Kunshu - Haruno Ahiru.jpg

Comedy, yaoi
Volumes 1
Chapters 7
Score 6


Two main stories, one about a boy on his high school swim club and a senpai that’s already graduated, the other about 2 boys set to inherit their own temples. As well as 2 one shots.


I’m not a fan of this. The eyes, especially the sharper eyes, were kind of creepy. But i can ignore that. What bothered me was that no one seemed to have any chemistry. In the one, the bottom seemed to be interested although he was violent and insecure, but hes partner acted in a way that made it seem like he was lying all the time. In another, the bottom, again, seemed to be interested, but the top preferred watching tv and laughed it off when the guy kissed other people and was bored with normal sex, opting for toys. Then there was the hate/love relationship with less love, more hate and maybe curiosity but that was one sided, the other showing no emotions and seeming to just toy with the kid. And finally, two that seem to have no interest in each other, hurt each other and then end up fucking for some reason.

It was the kind where the characters and chemistry and all that suck, so sex scenes should make up for it but they don’t because the sex scenes really suck.


Wouldn’t recommend at all.


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