Butterflies, Flowers (Yoshihara Yuki) book, fiction – manga 

795. Butterflies Flowers - Yoshihara Yuki.jpg
Comedy, romance, shoujo, josei
Volumes 8
Chapters 40
Score 7


Kuze Choko is the daughter of a family that was once wealthy, but after going bankrupt, they start a soba restaurant. Taking a job at a real estate company, despite the first question asked in the interview being about whether or not she’s a virgin, she soon discovers her tyrant of a boss, Domoto Masayuki, was a servant boy from when she was a child.


It wasn’t awful. The art was nice enough (although the chibi bits were kind of annoying). The problem is the pacing. Some parts seem to get settled quickly. Like the two getting together and getting rid of the annoying people trying to get away. But then sex happens only 3 or 4 times in the entire thing. Half the time Choko seems like she’s belittling Masayuki in the worse ways possible. At least when it comes to sex. The entire thing seemed drawn out to at least twice the length it should have been.

For the most part, the characters were likeable enough aside from 2 or 3. It was a fun enough read.


So… it’s not something I’d actually recommend, but I also wouldn’t talk you out of reading it if you think it seems interesting.


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