The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar (2015) animated, tv movie – USA 

lion guard return of the roar.jpg
Adventure, family, musical
Duration 44min
Rated G
Score 8
Director Howy Parkins
Writer Ford Riley
Voices Rob Lowe, Gabrielle Union, Ernie Sabella, Max Charles, Joshua Rush, Diamond White, Atticus Shaffer, Dusan Brown, Eden Riegel, Kevin Schon


Follows Simba’s son, Kion. After venturing into the outlands with his honey badger friend, he discovers that he is the leader of the new Lion Guard and must find the other four members of the group.


I have a feeling this would have been better had I not just watched Simba’s Pride. Based on appearances, I assume this happened around the time Kiara first met Kovu in the movie. But in the movie, Kion didn’t exist and Kiara didn’t want to be king and was a lot like Simba as a child. The hyenas were gone (although I don’t think tge said when tgey left). Not to mention she was bad at hunting. In this, there’s Kion, and Kiara is stuck up, wants to be queen, likes being the princess and is good enough at hunting to teach her friends how its done.

All that aside though, I liked it. I will admit that I hated the hyenas in this one. They werent funny or stupid funny. They were just stupid and i didnt like their voices. The main characters (from the movies, so the main group of lions, Timon and Pumba) were ok looking, but the rest, including the hyenas, seemed a bit more cartoonish looking than the rest. Most of the voices are ok though.

So apparently there’s a tv series based on tgus story line, so if I think of this as a sort of pilot for that, then I can ignore most of the stuff that doesn’t fit in the movie. It makes sense that they’d add characters for a series that they wouldnt have put in the movies. It also makes sense that they’d give Simba another kid. Although I think I would have preferred a couple of Kiara and Kovu’s kids. Obviously the main characters of this have to be closely related to the main characters of the movie. And obvviously it would be more interesting to have a group that protect the Pridelands rather than following the future King/Queen and their training.


So… I’d have to say that I probably recommend this, although since there’s also a tv series, id be more apt to recommend it to kids, or someone with kids.


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