Valerie on the Stairs (2006) live action, TV – USA

Series Masters of Horror
Episode 208
Duration 60min
Rated TV-MA
Score 6
Creator Mick Garris
Director Mick Garris
Writers Mick Garris, Clive Barker
Cast Tyron Leitso, Nicola Lipman, Jonathan Watton, Christopher Lloyd, Christine Barrie, Clare Grant, Suki Kaiser, Tony Todd

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A struggling writer moves into a boarding house for unpublished authors. Shortly After moving in, strange things centered around a girl no one knows begins to happen.


So… I’m not exactly in the mood to write this. I spent most of my day cleaning and rearranging so I could get into my kitchen cupboards properly. So I’ll keep this quick and short.

I wasn’t that big a fan of the acting. Even Christopher Lloyd who I don’t usually mind, just bored me. His character didn’t seem interesting at all and it’s impossible, no matter how great an actor is, to make me interested in a boring character.

The story seemed interesting enough. It at least kept me entertained, if nothing else. Stuff started happening pretty much from the start, there was a completely naked woman (for what reason, I don’t know), and there was some death.


I probably wouldn’t really actually recommend it though…


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