Uzumaki (Ito Junji) book, fiction – manga 

Dementia, drama, horror, romance, supernatural, psychological, seinen
Chapters 20
Volumes 3
Score 8


Goshima Kirie lives in a small coastal town. Strange things begin happening which her reclusive boyfriend Saito Shuichi believes to be the work of spirals.


So… I don’t understand how this can actually be considered romance. Aside from the very end, the couple doesn’t actually seem like a couple. Of course, maybe it’s just because Shuichi starts out acting oddly. Maybe he was different before all this spiral stuff.

I understand the horror, but although I thought some parts were kind of creepy, I like some realism in my horror. I find it creepier if there’s a chance of it actually happening or whatever. It started out creepy. A man becoming obsessed with spirals and his wife who gets a phobia of spirals because of it. I liked that. And then it got to the point where people could turn into snake type things and hurricanes taking an interest in a specific person.


I did like it well enough. Not a fan of the way it ended, but it was interesting and slightly creepy. So I’d say read it.


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