The V Word (2006) live action, TV – USA

Masters of Horror 203 The V Word.jpg
Series Masters of Horror
Episode 203
Duration 59min
Rated TV-MA
Score 6
Creator Mick Garris
Director Ernest Dickerson
Writer Mick Garris
Cast Arjay Smith, Branden Nadon, Jodelle Ferland, Michael Ironside, Lynda Boyd, Keith Humphrey, Terry Stevens

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Two teenage boys sneak into a funeral home to see a dead body. There they meet a vampire.


They didn’t sneak in. They went to the place on loud skateboards. Knocked and rang the bell before going in. Called for someone when they got in. Then about half way through, it feels like it’s done. But then they continue it. It would have been nice if they left it after the first “ending”. Even the second “ending”. But they didn’t. They continued it into a “pedophile” type thing (does having an interest in 17 year old really make a person a pedophile? It’s legal in tons of places). Anyway… I’m of the opinion the ending with the pervert sucked. The kids were annoying at the end.

And the mother! There’s The annoying like eating take out pizza with a fork and knife. And she seems more concerned about her ex husband and his “whore” than her damn kids. SPOILERS? She comes home to a pool of blood. Assumes that, although it’s bright red and pretty fresh looking, it’s soda. So she throws cleaner at her obviously sick son. Then when she finally decides her son is sick and cold as ice, she sends him to bed instead of taking him to the hospital because obviously he partied too much, although the only evidence of said party is the pool of “soda”. Her daughter comes home in the middle of the night, scared and in her pajamas and doesn’t seem to care why she wasn’t home. She just goes on about how worried She was and where’s her brother. END THE SPOILERS!


So, I wouldn’t recommend at all. It’s just annoying and stupid.


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