Shingakkou: Noli me Tangere (Kusaka Matsuri; Shirai Sachiko) book, fiction – manga 

780. Shingakkou Noli me Tangere - Kusaka Matsuri. Shirai Sachiko.jpg

Mystery, horror, school, yaoi, supernatural, psychological
Volumes 2
Chapters 10
Score 7


After Michael’s fanily is killed Christmas eve, he believes a cult at his school is reaponsible so returns to school to investigate the cult.


I liked the art well enough. The xharacters looked different enough that they were easily confused (aside from the twins Michael and Gabriel). Of course that made it obvious who cult members were, like Lucifer who you weren’t supposed to recognize from the start.

The relationship between Michael and Niel was cute, but Niel was kind of a jerk near the end.

It seemed to come together a bit too quickly, which was annoying, but it made sense considering how short it was.

My only real issue is Gabriel. He’s Michael’s twin brother. Why is there so little focus on him? He wasnt in chapter 0. He only helped calm Michael down once and played with him by the lake once and told him he didnt have a problem with him being gay. And only Michael and father August seemed to notice him at all. I want to know if he died as well and Michael just lost his mind…


Well, it was kind of predictable but it was entertaining and cute. The mystery was interesting for awhile. I’d recommend it.


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