Right to Die (2007) live action, TV – USA

Masters of Horror 209 Right to Die.jpg
Series Masters of Horror
Episode 209
Duration min
Rated TV-MA
Score 8
Creator Mick Garris
Director Rob Schmidt
Writers John Esposito
Cast Julia Benson, Martin Donovan, Anna Galvin, Corbin Bernsen, Robin Sydney, Xantha Radley

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After an accident, Abbey is in a coma with full body burns with her husband and father fighting over pulling the plug on her. But when Cliff discovers that when she dies, her spirit takes revenge against the living.


I’m gonna be quick about this. It was sort of fun. Just a little gross. The actors weren’t horrible and the story was interesting. It did seem realistic enough, until the showed what she had to show him. Everything that happened after that doesn’t make much sense to me…


Anyway, I’d recommend watching it.


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