Deer Woman (2005) live action, TV – USA

Series Masters of Horror
Episode 107
Duration 55min
Rated TV-MA
Score 6
Creator Mick Garris
Director John Landis
Writers John Landis, Max Landis
Cast Walter High, Michael P Northey, Brian Benben, Anthony Griffith, John Destry

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Men are being beaten to a pulp. A run down cop believes it to be the work of some sort of animal, reinforced after hearing of a Native American legend of a deer Woman.


I’m sad that I didn’t like this one more. I was hoping for more I guess. I mean, it was good, but it didn’t feel like it was all there. If it was closer to 90min, it probably would have been better. But you don’t have enough time to actually care about the characters so you don’t care what is going to happen to them or what did happen to them. The only part I cared at all about the characters was a poor old man and his monkey.


It wasn’t a waste but… I’d recommend only watching it if there’s nothing better to watch.


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