Cigarette Burns (2005) live action, TV – USA

Masters of Horror 108 Cigarette Burns.jpg
Series Masters of Horror
Episode 108
Duration 59min
Rated TV-MA
Score 6
Creator Mick Garris
Director John Carpenter
Writers Drew McWeeny, Scott Swan
Cast Norman Reedus, Colin Foo, Udo Kier, Christopher Redman, Chris Gauthier

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Kirby is hired to find a film that was supposed to have been destroyed amid bloody rumors. He soon discovers the rumors may be true and worse than they sounded.


It didn’t seem very interesting. Some guy owed a debt to the father of his dead fiance/wife. So when he’s hired to find a film with the promise of enough to pay off the debt, he jumps at it. And of course horrible things happen.


Anyway, there were only a couple parts that interested me, and most of those parts were from the film. Not exactly something I’d really recommend….


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