Whispering Corridors  (2005) live action, movie – South Korea 

233. Whispering Corridors
Drama, horror, mystery, thriller
Duration 106min
Rated R
Score 6
Director Park Ki Hyeong
Writers In Jung Ok, Park Ki Hyeong
Cast Kim Gyu Ri, Lee Mi Yeon, Choi Kang Hee, Yoon Ji Hye, Park Jin Hee, Lee Yong Nyeo, Park Yong Su, Kim Yoo Suk, Kim Roe Ha


When people start dying at a school, a young teacher investigates while a student realizes something is wrong.


I was bored during this. There were only 3 or 4 actual deaths and they were kind of stupid. Most of it was just normal kids going to a school wiyh crappy teachers. I was so bored that I have no idea how it came to the kind of interesting and sort of sad ending.

That’s all I can say aside from the teachers in this are horrible. They were more violent and perverted than the students.


Although I liked the end, the rest was way too boring and uneventful to recommend it.


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