CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD (1) Eighth Grade Bites (Heather Brewer) book, fiction 

0150K0146. CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD 1 Eighth Grade Bites - Brewer
Fantasy, paranormal, vampires, young adult
Pages 186


Vladimir Tod is in eighth grade. Hes bullied for being “goth”, the girl he likes likes his popular best friend, his English teacher is missing, the substitute is weird and asks too many questions. To top it off, hes a half vampire and with the mysterious death of his parents three years prior, he has no one to turn to about it.


Some of this was a little iffy. There were cheesy names and references. Many of the characters seemed a little slow and for the most part, the only parts that made it known that Vladimir wasn’t a normal human was all the blood he ate/drank.

For the most part, Vladimir just seemed like a normal kid. I liked it for that reason. It had some fun stuff, but this kid was just a kid. He had no idea what was going on, he was unpopular, he didn’t have strange powers or anything thrown at him suddenly. His life didn’t drastically change.

So for the most part, it’s about this awkward kid trying to get through school without too much of a problem. At the same time, stuff is obviously happening around his concerning adults that aren’t too bright (seriously, you know where to find the kid if you think). Even when he knows something is happening, he can’t figure out all the details all ND no one believes him. So nothing serious actually happens to the kid until the end of the school year (sort of got some Harry Potter vibes from that. I mean, young kid with powers is in danger for something that happened when he was an infant and he had no control over it, but the villain was nice enough to wait for the end of the school year before doing anything).


I’d say it’s best not to take it too seriously, but I would recommend it if you don’t have a weak stomach (there’s probably a part describing eating/drinking blood in every chapter). It’s a fun read, but if you take it too seriously, you’d be annoyed about how difficult a time they seem to have finding one eighth grader even though they found his teacher and school mate.


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