13-nin no Suspense & Horror (various) book, fiction – manga 

776. 13-nin no Short Suspense and Horror - various.jpg
Horror, supernatural, suspense, thriller
Volume 1
Chapters 14
Score 7

Collection of one shots with horror themes.

Your Story
Inuki Kanako
Score 8

A girl follows around a group of girls telling ghost stories as they ignore her.
Not really a fan of the art. It makes it more laughable than anything. It was interesting enough though.

Too Scared to Tell You
Kawaguchi Madoka
Score 8

A girls boyfriend comes to her home for tye first time.
I did not expect that ending…

The Wall Woman
Kawaguchi Madoka
Score 6

A girls rice cooker gets knocked over every time she goes out.
… boring…

My Funeral
Seki Yoshimi
Score 8

A gurl is stung by a bee that leaves people in a state of suspended animation.
Those poor parents… and the final page! Only complaint i have is that it seems to be set in modern day and they didnt prepare the body…

Falling Down
Oohashi Kaoru
Score 6

An honour student plans on jumping off the roof after things start going bad for her.
The girl annoyed me. I wanted to push her off the roof myself…

Arita Kei
Score 7

A girl brings a boy some soba when she plans on moving.
The necks creeped me out in a bad way and I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but it was interesting.

Taro’s Train
Piyoko Marui
Score 9

A boy that loves trains is bullied. One day, the bullies take things too far.
This one was great. Definitely my favourite chapter. But it involves bad things happening to kindergarteners so if youre sensitive to that sort of stuff, you should skip this chapter.

The Days of the Carrot and the Stick
Osada Noto, Atomori Kazono
Score 7

After a young boy is abandoned by his parents, he decides to become a thief and is taken in by a pro.
This one was actually kind of cute. Mostly.

Sullivan’s Syndrome
Hirono Takuya
Score 8
A young woman feels extreme pain at night. All tests show nothing is wrong with her until she is visited by something one night.
Interesting. Not what i expected though. It was actually pretty positive.

The Midnight Assemblies
Score 7

A girl in the gardening club is invited by her crush to join the Gifted Student Society.
The girl deserved anything and everything that happened to her. She was a moron for going out so late at night to meet pretty much a complete stranger on her own.

The Human-Face Tumor I Love
Hirata Kyoko
Score 6

When Aki’s boyfriend dies before his 16th birthday and before they kiss, he returns as a tumor.
This one was just stupid and seemed like they were going for a comedy thing.

In the Cavern
Sanjou Tomomi
Score 7

A group go mushroom hunting in a cave when they’re trapped by an earthquake.
The mushroom bit was odd. It half seemed as though it was there to draw out the story before getting to the good stuff, half seemed like it was just there to ensure the girl with the crush and the teacher were alone.

Book Browsers
Hirai Ichirou
Score 7

A brother and sister go to a book store where they try reading the books instead of buying.
It upsets me that the stupid little brats didnt get what they deserved.

Blood Covered Snowman
Tanima Yumeji
Score 7
A few young girls investigate an old man that apparently kills young girls.
Not entirely sure what happened at the end… but it was interesting…

A couple chapters I didn’t care for, but overall, I’d probably recommend it.


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