Pelts (2006) live action, TV – USA

Masters of Horror 206 Pelts
Series Masters of Horror
Episode 206
Duration 58min
Rated TV-MA
Score 9
Creator Mick Garris
Director Dario Argento
Writers Matt Venne,  F Paul Wilson
Cast Meat Loaf, Link Baker, Emilio Salituro, Elise Lew, Shawn Hall, Sylvesta Stuart, Ellen Ewusie, John Saxon, Michal Suchanek,  Brendan McDonald

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When a family of raccoons is killed and made into a coat, everyone involved begin to commit serious acts of violence to themselves or others.


This was great! To begin with, it had Meat Loaf! As the main guy!

Anyway, it was interesting and fun and although there were some gory parts that were so obviously fake it was comical, there were plenty of great gross parts.


Not gonna get too into it, but I highly recommend!


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