The Purge: Election Year (2016) live action, movie – USA, France

purge election year.jpg
Action, horror, sci fi, thriller
Duration 109min
Rated R
Score 6
Director/writer James DeMonaco
Cast Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria, Betty Gabriel, Terry Serpico, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor

The Purge
The Purge: Anarchy


Eighteen years ago, Charlie Roan was the only survivor on her family on Purge night. Now she’s running for president with her main goal being to put an end to purge night. With restrictions off however, she’s a target, along with her body guard who chose not to take revenge for the death of his son two years ago and a group trying to protect their store.


It was kind of sucky. Most of the “gore” was just bright red and shiny paint. Then there was tons of cursing for no reason which just sounded awkward. A couple teen girls were behaving even more idiotic than most teenage girls and everyone, including creepy old white men, we’re calling everyone else cocktail suckers and the like.

The acting sucked. The story would get a pass if there was at least some decent gore, but nope.
I wouldn’t recommend at all.


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