Ring 0: Birthday (2000) live action, movie – Japan

229. Ring 0 Birthday.jpg
Horror, thriller
Duration 99min
Score 6
Director Tsuruta Norio
Writers Takahashi Hiroshi, Suzuki Koji
Cast Nakama Yukie, Tanabe Seiichi, Aso Kumiko, Okunuki Kaoru, Hashimoto Mami


A newspaper reporter is looking for a girl named Sadako. Sadako is in an acting troupe when strange things begin happening.


For most of this, I had a bad headache. It’s only gotten worse so I’ll make this quick.

The acting was okay. Over the top in some cases but considering many were in an acting troupe, over the top is to be expected.

As for the story… well… I was bored. It didn’t make much sense to me. Why the reporter was searching for Sadako, why everyone seemed freaked outby Sadako. To make matters worse, at least half of the problems seemed to be jealousy over Sadako or the guy she was seeing.

(May contain SPOILERS)
I don’t understand why she had a healing power. I assume it had something to do with why she couldn’t die. But I don’t understand the people. They get a little scared so gang up on and beat a girl to death while holding back her boyfriend? They drag her body, and for some reason the boyfriend goes along willingly, to some house to kill ANOTHER Sadako. And even though they gained up on and beat the poor thing to death, as well as killed her in multiple other horrible ways, they get upset that she’s killing them quickly? You pieces of shit deserve it and worse for being so mean to the poor girl.


Anyway, I guess it’s okay. I haven’t watch the sequel yet (the original Ring. I saw most of the American version years ago before falling asleep), but maybe this is an okay prequel? If I remember, I’ll comment on whether it’s worth watching or not after the sequel.


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