Goosebumps (2015) live action, movie – USA, Australia

goosebumps.jpgAdventure, comedy, family, fantasy, horror
Duration 103 min
Rated PG
Score 8
Director Rob Letterman
Writers RL Stine, Darren Lemke, Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski
Cast Jack Black, Dylan Minette, Odeya Rush, Ryan Lee, Amy Ryan, Jillian Bell, RL Stine


After the passing of his father, Zach and his mother move to a small town for the latter’s work. There he meets a neighbour girl and her strange father. Thinking she’s being abused, Zach and his new friend break in to save her, releasing the creations of RL Stine in the process.


Not quite as good as I was expecting.  The basic RL Stine feel is there, but it feels like something is missing. Maybe some of the cheesiness. Bit it was plenty entertaining. Slappy was creepy.


So… I liked it. I’d recommend it if you want a cheesy cute romantic horror with a creepy dad. Also, pay attention to the end and you’ll see the real RL Stine.


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