Teke Teke (2009) live action, movie – Japan

215. Teke Teke.jpg
Duration 70 min
Score 8
Director Shiraishi Koji
Writers Akimoto Takeki
Cast Oshima Yuko, Yamasaki Mami, Nishida Mai


When her friend is brutally murdered, Kana believes it’s the work of Teke Teke, a top half of a woman that kills people by cutting them in half. But what happens when she herself sees it?


It creeped me out a bit. But the Teke Teke is way too fast for it to stay creepy. So of course it ended up getting funny. Especially near the end. But seriously, the Take Take thing lost someone on a bike but it can keep up with a car? The hell is that? And why the red?


Anyway, it’s a short movie but if you want something to keep you up at night, look elsewhere. It reminds me of those zombie movies where the zombies are running. Similar creepy factor but too funny to truly be creeped out.


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