The Journey (1990) live action, TV movie – Australia 

journey. 1990.jpg
Family, fantasy
Duration 48min
Score 5
Director Jane Oehr
Writers Ken Cameron, Jane Oehr
Cast Melanie Boomer, Christen Cornell, Judith Stratford


When her wealthy father dies, Ada is sent on a trip to find her inheritance along with servant girl Angus.

… One of the earliest things had some woman in a bonnet eating a snail whole, and alive, with the shell. It only got worse from there. Chicken feet, bloody porridge/soup, a crow (?).
I had no idea what was going on. who would have expected it to be about a witch trying to get one girl to kill another? The description on the case said nothing about that.

It was cheesy with bad acting and the plot points that made any sense were predictable.


I wouldn’t recommend at all.


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