Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-Nan 0 (Asou Shuichi) book, fiction – manga 

775. Chounouryokusha Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 0 - Asou Shuichi.jpg
Comedy, shounen, supernatural
Volume 1
Chapters 9
Score 8

Saiki Kusuo is an ESPER with many powers including telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, etc. This follows his daily life trying to avoid attention.

So… I read this only because of the anime. It was good. There were a few parts that I preferred from the anime, like Nendou who Saiki can’t read the mind of in the anime while in this, he can but there’s not much of a lag from thinking to speaking. Although this is apparently from before it was serialized. Things like that could easily be changed after its serialized to make it more interesting or whatever.

Then there’s Kaidou, who is probably my favourite character. They showed his actual personality when he’s out side of school and he’s sooooo cute!

I’m getting off topic here… it’s a short and fun manga about a kid with powers trying to avoid getting caught, using them to his advantage sometimes and helping people sometimes while pretty much complaining about them.

The other one shots are a little iffy. The one is about a transfer student who likes solving mysteries or whatever. Which leads to trying to figure out who stole the panties. The other was like an rpg game, the one character looking a lot like Kaidou, but it seems as though it’s related to sone other manga. Which I haven’t read and would probably have been more interesting if interesting had.

So… I’d recommend it, probably.


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