Under the Dog (2016) anime, OVA – sub 

562. Under the Dog
Action, sci fi, thriller
Episode 1
Duration 39min
Rated R+
Score 5
Creator Ishii Jirou
Director Ando Masahiro
Voices Seto Asami, Ookubo Rumi, Oozora Naomi, Uchiyama Kouki

A teenage girl and assassin is sent to retrieve a boy when they school they are at is invaded by the American army.


… I had no idea what was going on. I felt like it could have been good. From what I could tell and based on the description on MAL, it seemed interesting. But it was too much to fit into half an hour or so.

Since it was too much, they tossed you in. This girl thinks her family is awkward. She goes somewhere with a gun. Takes an interest in a boy in the class she just transferred into and then the school is taken over by the US army with no one really seeming to care enough for anything more than excitement to happen. Then there’s a monster and the girl is an assassin and her family has a serious reason to be “awkward” because if this kid fuck up, its the end for the lot of them.

Nothings explained in this show. Why the girls are forced to be assassin’s,  why this boy is important, what the monster is, why it’s okay for the US army to take over a Japanese high school.

Unless they make a tv series or manga, I wouldn’t recommend it.


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