Ma Boy (2012) live action, drama – South Korea 

231. Ma Boy.jpg
Comedy, friendship, romance, school, youth
Episodes 3
Duration 54min
Score 8
Director Lee Jeong Min
Writer Moon Seon Hee
Cast Kim So Hyun, Sun Woong, Min Hoo


Jang Geu Rim transfers into a school where Tae Joon, an idol she likes, attends. Her roommate is Irene, a girl who never talks and who Tae Joon likes. However, Irene is actually a boy named Hyun Woo.


I wish there was more. Its cute. Not serious or anything (although considering how Geu Rim met Tae Joon, it could have taken a serious turn). Its just a short, feel-good drama.

But by the end, it feels like there’s so much left open. Geu Rim never hit Hyun Woo even when he deserved it. Everything went way too easy for Hyun Woo. Tae Joon is left behind and alone. The Irene and Tae Joon fan clubs are left alone which is even more annoying considering they seemed to be hinting at least a couple of them liking each other. And the time skip at the end just pissed me off.


But it was fun, the main cast seems to have pretty good chemistry, Sun Woong looks pretty good as both Hyun Woo (although the hair at the end was kinda…) and Irene. So I’d probably recommend it, even if the end does leave much to be desired.


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