Hitorijime Boyfriend  (Arii Memeko) book, fiction – manga 

758. Hitorijime Boyfriend - Arii Memeko.jpg
School, yaoi
Volumes 1
Chapters 6
Score 8

In the sixth grade, after his friend told him he was going to a different middle school, Kensuke faught with him. Three years later, the friend, Hasekura, began attending the same hhigh school, giving Kensuke an ultimatum: let him hold him or break off the friendship again.

So… there’s really not much to say about it. A pretty boy is in love with a kid so dense he’s bordering on cruel. No one really has a problem with the relationship though, so once the denseness and slowness of the kid is dealt with, things go smoothly.

The sexiness was arguably nonexistent. It was there, but you were shown anything aside from maybe some cum? Romance was pretty low too…


All that being said though, I kind of enjoyed it. The side characters were pretty funny.


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