Honobono Log (2016) anime, TV – sub 

555. Honobono Log
Romance, slice of life
Episodes 10
Duration 2min
Rated G
Score 3
Creator Fukamachi Naka
Director Matsui Kumi

Each episode is centered around a couple, family or friends.


I was sort of bored with this. There was the odd cute episode. Like the family ones where the dad wasn’t moving (I thought he was dead until the end. Apparently he was so happy he fell to the floor face down and quit moving) and the one where the dad ate some of his kids candy. But with the rest, the girls were a tell so whiny it just pissed me off.

I wouldn’t recommend it. If it wasn’t so short, I would have dropped it. But the entire thing was only 20min long. Once I started, I couldn’t just give up.


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