Noblesse: The Beginning of Destruction (2015) anime, OVA – sub 

554. Noblesse The Beginning of Destruction.jpg
Action, adventure, supernatural
Duration 38min
Rated R -17 +
Score 8
Creator Son Jae Ho
Voices Shin Yong Wu, Choi Han, Kim Seung Jun, Eon Sang Hyeon

(Sequel) Noblesse: Awakening


Set 820 years before Cadis Etrama di Raizel (which takes place in the manhwa and ONA). Muzaka, who is takig care of a young girl who lost her mother during a war, visits Raizel. With wars still happening and the werewolves, and some of the vampires, plotting, Rai and Muzaka eventually get into a battle, leading to Rais sleep.


So… It was good. The blood was what it was. But there was one part when Rai and Muzaka were battling where it was gross.

Like I mentioned above, this takes place 820 years prior to what happens in the manhwa. So it was nice seeing something solid about what happened instead of bits and pieces, even if it was sad.


So… it’s not like you HAVE to watch this. You’ll be just fine watching the ONA if you don’t want to. But its not like you’re really out anything if you like Noblesse. But I suggest reading rhe manhwa anyway. It may seem daunting at first since there’s over 400 chapters, but the chapter are really short and it’s a quick read! I read the first 264 chapters in a night so…


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