ReLIFE (2016) anime, TV – sub 

543. ReLIFE.jpg
Romance, school, slice of life
Episodes 13
Duration 24min
Rated PG-13
Score 7
Creator Yayoi Sou
Director Kosaka Satoru
Voices Kayano Ai, Ono Kensho, Tomatsu Haruka, Ueda Reina, Uchida Yuuma, Kimura Ryouhei


Kaizaki Arata is 27, unable to get real work he does part time Jobs,  and his parents are about to cut him off. That is when he is approached by Yoake Ryou who offers him a years worth of living expenses and a job afterwards, if he participates in an experiment to make him 17 again.


So… This was fun. I feel like it probably deserved a score better than 7 but… I’m in a bad mood so I couldn’t lose myself in it like I usually can.

The characters are entertaining enough. There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding some of them, and this pill that can turn you into a teenager again.

The idea is odd. Interesting though. Go back to high school for a year but when you’re done, everyone will forget about you. It’s sort of depressing in a way. All this people who you become friends with and andshare experiences with and love won’t remember you. And yet there are times when the person who knows all this seems to push the mc, Kaizaki, into an actual relationship. Which seems horrible.

I gotta admit, I expected something a little different though. I mean, drunk man with nothing going for him, stumbling home late at nights and running into an attractive man? Why is there no yaoi with that set up?!


Anyway, I’m not sure if I’d really recommend it. I probably would. But it makes me want to read the manga to find out where all these relationships are going, if only because I don’t want aren’t body to forget anything because it just seems too painful…


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