Nijiiro Days (2016) anime, TV – sub

541. Nijiiro Days.jpg
Comedy, romance, school, shoujo, slice of life
Episodes 24
Duration 13min
Rated PG – 13
Score 8
Creator Mizuno Minami
Directors Amino Tetsuro, Ookubo Tomihiko
Voices Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, Shimazaki Nobunaga, Eguchi Takuya, Uchiyama Kouki, Ishigami Shizuka, Tsuda Minami, Kayano Ai, Uchiyama Yumi


Follows four high school boys through love and life.


So… There’s Hashiba Natsuki, the idiot that wears his feelings on his face that has a crush on Kobayakawa Anna who’s reserved and maybe shy? With very little notice of her feeling. Matsunaga Tomoya is a playboy with an interest in Tsutsui Mari, who has a bit of a crush on Anna. Matsunagas sister, Nozomi has a crush on Katakura Keiichi (my male winter crush) who is a sadist so can’t find any high school girls that will actually accept him even if they do have crushes on him. And finally, the only actual couple, who happen to be otaku although the guy doesn’t seem it at first, Nao Tsuyoshi and Asai Yukiko.

So… I feel like the first half was better. Although Mari was cute appearance wise, she was way too annoying. I wish there was more with Kei and Nozomi though. They’re good together.

Anyway,  the arts pretty. Good voices. The story is… boring? It’s a slice of life about high school boys in love. It’s as interesting as you’d expect. At least parts were kinda funny. It’s also relaxing.


So… not sure if I’d recommend it, but anything relaxing is good after all.


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